Mold Building & Transfer

Whether you are looking to build new molds or transfer current molds, A1 can help. Choosing the right mold manufacturer, one with the knowledge and experience that your product requires, is made easy here at A1, where we care.

Building New Molds

Building a new mold is easy, we work side-by-side with our customers to first understand their product needs and requirements. Our team of engineering experts take full advantage of their knowledge and the power of modern CAD software (SOLIDWORKS) to Design for Manufacturing to ensure reliability and consistency  in delivering years of precise high quality production, minimizing downtime.

Mold making not only takes a great amount of time, but it also requires dedication and commitment to the project. Which is why, it is mission critical to work with a partner like A1 Plastics that has extensive experience and you can trust to get it right the first time.

Mold building & transfer

Transferring Existing Molds

When mold transfer is the objective, A1 follows a set protocol of all necessary steps to ensure a seamless tool transfer to minimize loss of quality production time.

Our planners, engineers, technicians and logistics team stay in close communication throughout the process to ensure their understanding of what to expect when the mold arrives and upon arrival, what steps must immediately be taken to ensure the quickest time to production. 

Mold building & transfer

Downtime Reducing Mold Maintenance 

A1 not only keeps your injection molds running efficiently and up to the spec, but also provides timely mold modifications and repairs as per the molds requirements for maximum utilization without compromising on quality. Injection mold tooling capabilities and services include:

Mold building & transfer